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The Sunsetter Oasis

The Free Standing SunSetter Awning

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Finally, an awning that goes almost anywhere! Freestanding and self-supporting, the SunSetter Oasis is available is both 10 feet by 16 feet or 10 feet by 12 feet when fully extended. Stong, stable pedestal feet let you put the SunSetter Oasis on grass, gravel, stonem wood, brickwork, or any flat surface.
It’s perfect for lawns, poolside, or anywhere you want beautiful shelter. It can be up to 20 degrees cooler under the awning. A great alternative when obstructions prevent you from installing a traditional SunSetter on your deck or patio.

Call for more information and see how the Sunsetter Oasis can change your lawn or patio into your own little oasis, right out your own backdoor.

Available in a motorized version or manually operated version. The motorized version features the same Somfy Motor as our deck or patio awnings.

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